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Simon's Pool Service and Repair

"Maintaining your pool enjoyable."

"Honesty is my number one goal."


"Simon-You are, perhaps, the most honest person we do business with. It's been a pleasure!"

-Shelly B, Anaheim

"SIMON's POOL SERVICE is great. He is very dependable and very honest. I trust him with my pool!! Thanks, Simon"

-Linda E., Anaheim

"Honest, Very honest.

Hard working, We know there is no one else that would do a better job! Thanks Simon :)"

-Angela F, Anaheim

"We have had Mr. Lee as our pool man for eight years. He has been punctual, and cleans our pool really nicely. If anything happens to our pool, he promptly lets us know what is needed. We've been very happy with him, and we will not hesitate to recommend him for your pool."

-Tokwon E. M, La Mirada

"1. Reliability 2. Honesty 3. Thorough"

-Charles D, La Habra

"Mr. Lee has been a great help in maintaining our pool and the equipment."

-Leigh M, Stanton

"Prompt, good service, very pleased, very cautious. Best pool man I ever had!!!"

-Peter B, Garden Grove

"Service has been excellent for over 4 years.

Mr. Lee is very reliable-never misses a day scheduled.

Our pool is sparkling.

Very helpful-leave chemicals needed in hot summer months.

The price is right!"

-Barbara T, La Mirada

"Dear Simon-

I've used your service for many years, I can't remember how many, and it's always been done very well, more than I would have expected for my old pool!

Your price has always been better than I expected, very fair! Also, any needed project added correctly and with a very good price!

Thank you for all of the many years of service. Sincerely,"

-Carl D. B, Anaheim

"We have been very happy with your service. Very dependable and honest. Thank you for taking such great care of our pool!"

-The Oliveira's, La Mirada

"To any one concerned,

My husband stopped caring for our pool and hired SIMON's POOL SERVICE for a reasonable rate. The service has been well worth it. I never have a concern about pool cleanliness. Simon Lee is dependable and thorough in caring for our pool for many years now. Yours truly,"

-Joan P, Garden Grove

"We have been pleased with the SIMON's POOL SERVICE.

They've kept our pool algae free and very clean.

We would be more than happy to recommend them any time."

-Connie F, Fullerton

"We appreciate the work Simon has done for us. He has been reliable, conscientious and willing to address questions when they arose."

-Kenneth L, Anaheim

"Does a good job keeping pool clean & in good shape. Keeps records for filter cleaning & conditioner. Would like a senior discount like most place even direct TV & Readers Digest - 10% off."

-B. Toler, La Mirada

"We are really very satisfied with the quality and responsibility of your pool service. The water is crystal clear all year round. We enjoy it very much in summer time.

And at this time of economic crisis the price is right. Thank you."

-Rolando M, La Mirada

"Dear Simon,

All your service have been satisfactory and we appreciate any additional help you give me to operate the pump. In addition, I like all the Bible Verses along with your bills. God bless you."

-Vaskin N, La Habra

"SIMON's POOL SERVICE is very reliable, honest and neat service."

-Chang K, Brea

"Reliable, dependable. Good work at a reasonable price."

-I. Ranel, Orange

"Simon, You have a great demeanor, always prompt and reliable. You make pool ownership very easy. Thank You for your services."

-Ivan B, Anaheim

"I appreciate you being dependable a thorough."

-Angela L, Fullerton

"Simon does an excellent job of keeping my pool clean each week.

It always looks sparkling clean!"

-Gwen A, Garden Grove

"We appreciated your assistance and recommendations when we remodeled our pool. The repairs were done in a timely & neat time period. You are always friendly when you are doing your service. We have told our friends that if & when they get a pool we recommended you or any one you might refer them to."

-Gary B, Buena Park